Welcome to SENG Europe!

On behalf of the Executive Board of Directors of SENG Europe, I’d like to welcome you to the new website of SENG Europe. In the summer of 2018, the European chapter of SENG was founded in the Netherlands. In the time since then, we have gone through several important changes. Having launched with a three-day retreat in July 2018, our Board then consisted of members based in France, Turkey, and Switzerland. Since then, we have gathered online for monthly meetings, we have met again live in The Netherlands in January 2019. We have said farewell to our first Executive Director, welcomed a new Executive Director, welcomed a new General Board Member and changed our organization structure, thereby bringing our Executive Director on to the Board. Our team now covers four nationalities, is spread out across five countries, speaks seven languages between them, and despite our cultural diversity has still formed a strong bond through online meetings, currently as frequent as twice a month.

What have we done so far?

The first year of SENG Europe has been devoted primarily to its foundation. Writing up policy papers and business plans and developing a strategy to move SENG Europe forward, as well as dealing with legalities of our international team, preparing documentation for charity status and filing taxes are a just some of the tasks that have been keeping us busy. The second year has been more challenging due to some health issues among our Board members and internal reorganizations. We were able to finalize and submit our charity status application (ANBI), which is now pending, and look to the future, developing a business strategy and social media campaign, both of which are ongoing.

We also renewed our connection with SENG USA, consolidating our relationship with the new Board in the US, in particular liaising with Alonzo Kelly, the President Elect of SENG USA. Thankfully, we also have input and support from SENG USA, who have not only endorsed us, but are sharing some of their materials and expertise in lieu of getting up and running as quickly as possible. For this we are grateful.

Our Plans

We are now preparing for a re-launch of the website in the fall of 2020, to kick off a renewed resolve with our current team. We hope to bring you original content in the form of articles, interviews and webinars and are developing services, some similar to SENG USA, such as SMPG Facilitator trainings and conferences, and some new, so stay tuned!

What do we need?

SENG Europe is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO). We are able to provide services and support thanks to the time investment of many volunteers and thanks to donations and sponsorship to back some of our running costs. If you want to join one of our teams, have a look at our SENG Europe Teams page. We are also looking for sponsors also welcome donations. Contact us to find out more

Moving forward

With the plans to bring SENG to Europe, crossing boarders, cultural diversity and language barriers, we welcome your support! To help us, you can

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Spread the word on social media.

Share our website.

We hope that you will enjoy hearing from us and that we will be able to provide you with the materials and tools to enable you to support the emotional needs of the gifted in your communities.


Warm regards,

Raphaela Carrière, Ph.D.

President of the Board

SENG Europe.