SENG Europe is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO). We are able to provide services and support thanks to the time investment of many volunteers and thanks to donations and sponsorship to back some of our running costs.

Volunteers, Interns & Liaisons.

 We work with volunteers to prepare materials, run our news alerts, maintain our website and organize (local) events, trainings, and (mini) conferences. We also offer opportunities for internships. Additionally, SENG has the custom to work with liaisons, spokespersons that promote SENG’s mission and services. They will be crucial to creating a strong European organization, serving as a contact point for SENG in the different European countries and helping with the promotion of SENG programs. Liaisons form a bridge between the SENG Europe organization and local communities, representing their communities’ needs, building local databases, and helping to recognize local needs and organize local events. Find more information here: SENG Teams

Donations & Sponsorship.

If you don’t have time to offer, but you’d still like to support us, you can also make a donation or sponsor us. It is even possible to sponsor a specific project, for example, if you’re interested in sponsoring the translation of specific materials or webinars. Contact us to find out more.

We offer our sponsors the opportunity to advertise their business on one of our pages, with a link to their website. For our donors, we offer to publish your name on our website for different levels of donorship.

Platinum Plus Donor up to 1000 euros
Platinum Donor up to 500 euros
Gold Donor up to 250 euros
Silver Donor up to 100 euros
Premium Donor up to 50 euros

If you prefer to remain anonymous, no problem. Just let is know in the ‘order form’.

As our Charity status is pending, we hope to soon be able to offer tax benefits to you for your kind and generous donations. If you have any questions, you can find out more about donations and sponsorships by contacting us here