What we’re doing?

Due to the multitude of tasks at hand, SENG Europe has organized itself in teams to facilitate a smooth workflow. These include the following:

  • Social Media Team
  • Website Management
  • Volunteer Liaison & Internship Supervision
  • External Affairs, subdivided into
    • Guest Author Coordination
    • Webinar Coordination
    • Interview Coordination
    • Editors
  • European Consultants Coordination
  • Conferences & Training
  • Data Management
  • Administrative Team

All of these teams work under the direction of the Board of SENG Europe.

Social Media Team

This team is responsible for our social media presence.  The responsibilities include the ongoing development of our social media campaign and the execution thereof. Our current presence is on <insert link/logo facebook/linkedin/twitter/instagram and whatever else there is> Find us there and like/follow us and join the SENG Europe community.

Website Management

Our Website Management team is tasked with the maintenance of our website. This includes regular general updates as well as the addition of new content, such as new articles or video content. They are also charged with the task with the technicalities of maintaining a website and are currently developing a membership based platform.

Volunteer Liaison & Internship Supervision

As SENG Europe is primarily an organization of people offering their time pro bono, our Volunteer Liaison & Internship Supervision team plays an important role in managing volunteers and interns. Their tasks are defined, time commitments are co-determined, and overall schedules & collaboration managed to get optimal coverage of our volunteers’ valuable time.

Internships often require a structured form of supervision, as well as sometimes needing to meet conditions for universities. The Internship Supervisors are happy to collaborate to with other institutions to create a positive and mutually beneficial work environment.

Finally, our Volunteer Liaison team will be working to develop and coordinate a European Network as we roll out our organization across the European borders.

External Affairs

The External Affairs team manages the input of external contributors. They reach out to the gifted community and maintain our network. The sub-teams work closely to schedule the development of new and original content for our European audience, including the management of guest authors, interviews and webinars. They also work together to edit both written and video contributions.

Administrative Team

Our Administrative Team takes the lead in all administrative tasks and responsibilities working closely with the Board and other teams. The administrative team is responsible undertaking activities such as applications for ANBI status as well as preparing documentation and applications for European Grants and Subsidies. The team also manages our archives.

Conferences & Training

Apart from webinars, SENG Europe aims to organize both mini, local conference as well as larger regional, international (European) conferences. The Conferences & Training team works to prepare proposals, to reach out to contributors and to liaise with local communities to put together an interesting and enriching program catered to the local needs. Where appropriate, the team will take on the logistics coordination as well. In addition, SENG Europe will facilitate SMPG trainings, the coordination of which is also the responsibility of this team.

Data Management

Our Data Management team takes care of all of our data, amongst others ensuring that personal information collected by SENG Europe is stored in accordance with GDPR guidelines.

Call to action

  1. Would you like to volunteer your time to join one of our teams contact us here….
  2. Would you to contribute your own expertise in the form of an interview webinar covering your area of expertise? Contact us here …
  3. Would you like to submit an article for review, or share a personal book review, contact us to find out what our editorial guidelines are.
  4. Volunteers are always welcome to submit an application by sending us an email with the following information.
    • Full name;
    • Date of Birth;
    • Country of origin & Country where you reside;
    • Contact details including telephone and email address;
    • How much time you can offer per week/month;
    • Level of Education;
    • Information about relevant experience;
    • Specific area of interest.


  1. Are you looking for an interesting internship where you can, for example, contribute to our social media campaign in a meaningful way? Contact us here…
  2. If you’d like to join the Board of SENG Europe, let us know. We are currently complete, but we maintain a list of those interested, should we need to make changes in our configuration.
  3. Would you like to be included in our database of European Consultants, you can send us an application by sending us an email including the following information or email us to find out more.
    • Full name
    • Country of residence & Country where you work
    • Languages spoken and per language the level of fluency
    • Website name & link
    • Contact details including telephone and email address
    • A brief description of the services that you offer in your country.
    • A brief description of services you might be able to offer when consulting about your area of expertise.
  4. If you are interested helping us establish a European SENG network, or you’d like to organize a local SENG Europe conference or training, send us a message here…
  5. If you’d like to sponsor SENG Europe, contact us to find out about our sponsorship policies.